SensitivitySensitivity The detectors sensitivity describes how efficiently radiation is converted into a useable signal (i.e.”counts”).

Especially in low radiation conditions, our highly sensitive detectors improve the signal to noise ratio resulting in superior measurement performance compared to competing systems - the reason for the outstanding measurement performance for which Berthold systems are renowned.

Our highly sensitive detectors can also cope with remarkably low source activities. Depending on the application the source activity can be reduced by up to 80%.

Benefit from:

  • Use of smaller shieldings
  • Low transport costs
  • Increased measuring accuracy
  • Extended lifetime of existing sources

SuperSENS Detector

Our SuperSENS is the most sensitive radiometric detector on the market. It is able to measure, where other detectors fail or need to work with unacceptable high source activities.

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The high detector sensitivity is an integral part of all our radiometric measurement systems: