SourcesSources High quality sources- made by Berthold!

Radiometric measurement systems require a radioactive source, emitting gamma radiation. The radioactive material is safely sealed in an absolutely tight and durable capsule, which guarantees safe handling - even under extreme measurement conditions.

With our in-house source production, we are able to produce the most secure and best quality sources on the market - customer-specific and right in time. Benefit from our expertise and support in source design, sizing, handling and replacement.


Point Source

Point source is a small cylindrical shaped capsule
A point source is a small cylindrical shaped capsule; significantly smaller than a table tennis ball.

Source Exchange

We guarantee flawless exchange of sources. The source number is all we need to select the suitable replacement source

ALARA - As Low As Reasonably Achievable

We are committed to the ALARA principle. ALARA stands for: As Low As Reasonably Achievable

Rod Sources

This rod-shaped source forms a radiation field over the whole source length. Rod sources achieve the best measurement...

Return of Sources

We will take back all Berthold sources - anytime and without any circumstances.