Berthold has the most sensitive and stable detectors on the market, a simple replacement allows users to extend the life of their existing sources by years, while improving measurement reliability for all density and level applications. Berthold detectors can be retrofitted on existing measurements where the source has become too weak to work with the current detector. With hundreds of systems installed throughout the world, we have the experience and the technical know-how to even solve your measurement tasks no matter if a new system or a retrofitting solution is required.

Customer benefit

  • Extend the life of existing but aged sources 
  • Managing overall source activity
  • Improving measurement stability
  • Mitigation plan in place well before your measurement quality degrades


  • Berthold detectors are at least 2x more sensitive than the competition, providing 2x source life and 2x better resolution.
  • Berthold detectors provide best in class reliability and stability, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Easy installation on any brand of source holder
  • One-time calibration required with industry leading long-term detector stability
  • Local support and inventory throughout North and South America


Continuous Level Measurement Brochure

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Solutions for pulp and paper production Brochure

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