Solutions for Nuclear Medicine

In nuclear medicine, open and enclosed radioactive materials are used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Radionuclide production and synthesis often also take place there. Nuclear medicine facilities include, among others: 

•    PET Centres / Cyclotrons
•    Clinics / Practices

Broad Portfolio for All Requirements

The operation of a nuclear medical facility may involve the release of radioactive gases or contaminated air into the environment and this release must be measured. The systems we offer measure and document the total activity release of the facility. Ideal for this is our measurement and visualization software as central data acquisition software for archiving and visualization of measurement data, which is provided by an entire network of measuring stations with different probe and sensor types in the PET plant.
We offer a complete range of contamination and dose rate meters that are ideal for nuclear medical facilities. Both stationary and mobile systems are available for various applications. 

Radiation Protection Measurement Technology for All Areas

Particularly in nuclear medicine facilities, a large number of radiation protection measures are taken into account. In principle, the topic of radiation protection measurement technology is important when operating such a facility in the entire building: from the lowest level at the cyclotron to various laboratories to the exhaust stack on the roof.  
The handling of open radioactive materials plays a particularly important role, since possible contamination must be detected quickly in order to prevent carry-over. In addition to contamination tests, dose rate monitoring within the building and exhaust air monitoring are essential. Continuous monitoring of the release of activity from critical areas such as the so-called hot cells or the cyclotron room is essential for operators of PET plants.

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