Label-free & Microarray Instrumentation, Microplate Readers, Luminometers, in vivo Imagers, Gamma Counters, HPLC Radio Detectors

Berthold Technologies is considered a worldwide leader in luminescence measuring technology and has provided thousands of luminometers for research and diagnostics.

Label-free Interaction Analyzers

Based on the 1-lambda reflectometric interaction analysis technology with a depth of detection of 20 µm (100 times more than evanescent fields) the bScreen instruments offer powerful kinetic analysis of molecular interaction. As the interaction surface is a biofunctionalised microscope slide the throughput is scalable from 1 interaction per rum up to 10,000 interactions per run by spotting with a microarray spotter).

Powerful Luminometers

The Centro XS³ microplate luminometer has been developed with optimized optics for highest demands on sensitivity in pharmaceutical and academic research. The CentroLIApc is the ideal microplate luminometer for diagnostic applications and clinical use. With the Lumat³ the third generation tube luminometer has been introduced being the most modern instrument of its kind.

Robust Multi-Detection Microplate Readers

More than ten years ago Berthold Technologies has expanded the development of microplate readers by introducing new technologies such as fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, HTRF®, fluorescence polarisation, AlphaScreen® and absorbance resulting in the Mithras multimode reader. Especially in BRET and BRET² assays which are mainly applied for G-protein coupled receptor studies the Mithras multi-label reader has demonstrated its exceptional performance.

Dedicated in vivo Imaging Systems

Luciferase and GFP reporter genes have become an invaluable tool in gene expression experiments. Using the extremely sensitive CCD imaging systems NightOWL and NightSHADE spatial and temporal changes of gene expression can be monitored in vivo in animals and plants.


Savings on Microplate Readers

Free of charge HTRF® module or Free of charge Fluorescence Polarisation module and 30 % off on the Monochromator option

Technology Partnership with Biametrics

co-operation between Berthold Technologies and its new technology partner Biametrics GmbH, a spin-off of Tübingen University, for novel novel solutions in label-free analysis of bio-interactions

Marlene DeLuca Award 2014

For outstanding scientific contributions to the 18th International Symposium on Bioluminescence

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Method to Monitor the Stress Status Of Plants

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TriStar² S is HTRF compatible

The modular multimode microplate TriStar² S LB 942 has successfully been certified for HTRF

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The anticancerous effect of iPS-cell–derived myeloid/macrophage line in vitro, in vivo and in si