Twinkle LB 970 Microplate Fluorometer

Twinkle Microplate Fluorometer

The dedicated fluorometer is using an optimized design for a variety of measurement modes to support academic and pharmaceutical research centers.

  • kinetics
  • scanning
  • dual ratio measurements
  • top reading
  • bottom reading
  • temperature control

make Twinkle a valuable instrument for any researcher using fluorescence in life science.

The measurement of different plate formats, e.g. up to 384 well microplates, filters, petri dishes or Terasaki plates is possible.

The high quality design is well suited for sensitive FRET assays.



Temperature Control

The instrument can be equipped with temperature control to establish ideal conditions for all cell based applications.

Fluorescence Optics

The Twinkle LB 970 Fluorometer provides highest sensitivity due to Single Photon Counting technology and extremely low noise Photomultiplier. For excitation a Tungsten halogen lamp is used. The instrument is standard equipped with filter pairs for FITC and Umbilliferone.

The fluorescence reading can be taken from the bottom or the top. The bottom reading is instrument of choice for measurements of adherent cells, coloured medium and lids to achieve the most efficient detection.


Especially in cell applications samples are heterogenously spread in the well. To measure the complete area, up to 100 individual measuremet points can be defined within the same well.


3 modes each with variable speed of the integrated shaker to enhance mixing and optimise sample distribution before measurement in long term kinetics.


Kinetic measurements can be performed up to 7 days.

Detection Devicelow noise, high sensitivity PMT in photon copunting mode
Excitation Sourcehalogen lamp, spectral range 340 - 700 nm
Plate Formats

6 - 384 well microplates
Terasaki plates
Petri dishes
filter membranes

Temperature Controlup to 40 °C
Shaking3 modes, 3 speeds
Scanningup to 100 data points per well
Kineticsminimum resolution 0.1 sec
maximum duration 7 days
AutomationRobot integration
stacker unit
Fluorescence<0.3 fmol FITC per well
Dimensions280 x 465 x 406 mm (H x W x D)
OSWin XP, Win Vista, Win 7
RegulationsCE, UL, CSA




An optional microplate stacker is available when throughput and walk away automation are of interest. The Stacker unit is available with 25 or 50 plate stacks. The unique Re-Stack functionality of the stacker enables monitoring of e.g. gene expression over extended periods of time with multiple plates.

Robot Integration

Specially designed for but not restricted to the use in HTS departments of drug discovery companies the robot access module allows for uncomplicated integration of the Mithras into any type of lab automation system. Software and hardware easily integrate into existing robotic or liquid handling systems.


For non-microplate shaped sample containers, e.g. Petri dishes, Terasaki plates and even filter membranes, special adapters are available to enable reading of this kind of lab ware in the Mithras.

Excitation and Emission Filters

More than 100 high quality filters for  fluorescence excitation and emission  are available.
For details have a look at the Optical Filters


Cell proliferation

Cell proliferation assay with Cyquant: Anitua et al. (2011). Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF-Endoret) Stimulates Proliferation and Migration of Primary Keratocytes and Conjunctival Fibroblasts and Inhibits and Reverts TGF-β1–Induced Myodifferentiation. IOVS 52 (9) Read more

Reactive Oxygen Species

Nitrosating species assay with DAN: Oelze et al. (2011). Regulation of Human Mitochondrial Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH-2) Activity by Electrophiles in Vitro. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 286, 8893-8900 Read More

Enzyme kinetics

Proteasomal acitivity assay: Berthet et al. (2012). l-DOPA Impairs Proteasome Activity in Parkinsonism through D1 Dopamine Receptor. The Journal of Neuroscience 32(2), 681-691 Read more

DNA Quantification

Parasite growth with SYBR Green: Wein et al. (2010). Reliability of Antimalarial Sensitivity Tests Depends on Drug Mechanisms of Action. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 48 (5), 1651-1660 Read more


CD11 immunoassay with Alexa Fluor: Lau et al. (2005). Myeloperoxidase mediates neutrophil activation by association with CD11b/CD18 integrins. PNAS 102 (2), 431-436 Read more

Binding studies

Beta-amyloid assay with ThioflavinT: Kokkoni et al.(2006). N-Methylated peptide inhibitors of beta-amyloid aggregation and toxicity. Optimization of the inhibitor structure. Biochemistry 45 (32), 9906-18 Read more

Further Applications

Drug screening - Environmental toxins - FRET - Phagocytosis - Protein Concentration - Reporter Gene Assays

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