Carbon Content in Fly Ash

The amount of carbon in fly ash is a measure for the efficiency of the combustion process. Experience has shown that the carbon content varies by as much as 20%.

Our Carbon in Fly Ash Analyzer provides real-time information on the current carbon content and allows actions to be taken immediately.

The major benefits of the online measurement are:

  • Optimized combustion rate
  • Increased boiler efficiency
  • Major cost-savings through optimized raw material input
  • Minimum contamination of exhaust gases
  • Reuse of fly ash in cement production

Carbon in Fly Ash Analyzer

The analyzer is typically installed on a measurement chute below the electrostatic filter. The measurement is based on the Microwave transmission principle, which is best suited for this application because of its exceptionally high representative measuring results. A measuring accuracy of < ± 0.5% weight fraction of carbon content is typically attained.


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