Fracturing Systems

Berthold Technologies offers radiometric (nucleonic) density systems that are specifically designed for use in hydraulic fracturing and cementing applications. The systems are installed on blender trucks, high pressure lines and cementing lines, providing an online measurement of PPA, PPG, density in SPU or solid concentration. Beside the high repeatability, our fracturing systems stand out by their high ruggedness against mechanical shock and vibrations and the low source activities (10 or 20 mCi as a standard).

Committed to Hydraulic Fracturing

Berthold Technologies supplies radiometric density systems to the fracturing industry for more than 7 years. During that time, we have learned that the fracturing environment is tougher than any other industry – we have learned how to address these special needs and therefore we offer a complete line of specialized products that exactly meet our customer’s demands in the fracturing industry – no matter if a new system or a retrofitting solution is required. With more than 1000 density systems installed on fracturing applications we have proven our capability to provide the products and service support that this industry deserves. Contact us for more information!


Please see below more detailed information on our ruggedized fracturing products:


Application Report
Format Size
Solution for Oil and Gas Production Level, Multiphase Level and Density Measurement de, en PDF 4.24 MB
Format Size
DuoSeries LB 475 Fracturing en PDF 662.38 KB
FracSENS LB6770 Densitometer de, en PDF 598.15 KB
Whitepaper Radiometric Measurements Accurarcy, repeatability and errors en PDF 739.65 KB
Operation Manual
Format Size
LB 475 en PDF 9.97 MB
LB 6770 de, en PDF 3.01 MB
LB 6775 en PDF 7.43 MB
LB 8010 en PDF 1.06 MB
Software Tool
Format Size
LB 475 Measuring Unit Software Update Version: 1.5.0 de, en ZIP 552.19 KB
LB 47x Control Unit Software Update Version: 1.5.0 de, en ZIP 2.95 MB
LB 6770 PC Application de, en ZIP 2.97 MB
LB 6770 Update Software Version: 1.1.3 de, en ZIP 321.76 KB
PC Application de, en ZIP 2.8 MB
Technical Information
Format Size
LB 6770 de, en PDF 709.3 KB
LB 6775 de, en PDF 3.21 MB