Process Control

The experts for non-contact process measurement technology

The solution to critical measurement tasks for all environmental and process conditions, is our specialty. Wherever measuring conditions are extreme and conventional measuring technology fails, our radiometric systems are the answer in process measurement technology.
Solutions for Process Control

The product portfolio of Berthold Technologies includes non-contact systems for

Non-contact, maintenance-free and long-lasting process measurement technology

Our process measurement technology can be installed on existing and new systems with little effort. They work independent of the physical properties of the material to be measured and are therefore universally applicable essentially without modifying the equipment. The detectors do not come into contact with the material being measured and are therefore not exposed to any wear.

All systems are characterized by precise measurement results, free from maintenance, maximum reliability and availability, and work for decades without faults and errors. Thus, we improve the available plant uptime and throughput for our customers. Process optimization saves money in the long term.

Microwave moisture measurement systems

The determination of the water content takes place by means of microwave measurement technology. We determine reliably and safely:Tailored solutions from BertholdTailored solutions from Berthold

Moisture / water content
Concentration measurement
Dry matter measurement

Always the best solution

Using our varied product portfolio, our enormous specialized knowledge and extensive experience, we develop suitable solutions together with our customers for new, individual measurement tasks in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Berthold Technologies stands for excellent know-how, high quality and reliability. The customer is always the focus of our solution.

We are here for you! Worldwide

The engineers and service technicians of Berthold Technologies are wherever they are needed. Our worldwide branch network assures you fast and above all very with competent assistance in case of need. No matter where your production or conveyance is, we are there for you in no time at all with our qualified staff.

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Recent News

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New container probe for microwave measurement

The new container probes for microwave concentration measurements have removable plastic caps with internal thread, which can be replaced on site if necessary. Furthermore, the antenna technology inside the probe has been completely redeveloped. It halves the transmission losses by better matching and field focusing.

SINOPEC Maoming Refinery, China

We were very pleased to welcome a delegation from Sinopec Maoming Refinery, China at Berthold Te

Solutions for Refineries

Oil refineries worldwide rely on the radiometric instruments from Berthold Technologies. The non-contacting, non-intrusive measuring systems based on Gamma technology are used to measure level and density in demanding processes