Level Measurement for the Process Industry | Overview

Berthold Technologies - the inventor of contactless level measurement

Level MeasurementLevel Measurement Level measurement or the detection of levels or limit levels in the process industry is fundamental  to ensure safe and high quality production and logistics processes. Applications are most frequently carried out on liquids and solids in process tanks, storage tanks or silos.

However, there are requirements in which level measurements are not feasible or attainable with conventional measurement technology due to the extreme boundary conditions or only possible with very high installation or maintenance costs. This is applicable, for example, in environments with high pressure or high temperatures or with aggressive or abrasive media.

These difficult cases can only be solved with the help of radiometric measurement technology, which has been tried and tested for more than 65 years - a technology invented by Berthold. Externally applied gamma radiation penetrates thereby the measuring vessel. This is weakened depending on the vessel level. A detector located on the opposite side of the vessel measures the incoming radiation and can determine the level very accurately from the radiation attenuation. This level value is displayed either directly on site or integrated in a PLC or process control system.

Berthold Technologies is unique in the specialization in contactless measurements in the process industry worldwide. This guarantees you expert and skilled support ranging from advice on engineering through to the operation of the system.

Your advantages in level measurement:

• Over 65 years of experience of the world market leader in radiometric level
   measurement technology ensure your project success
• worldwide service and support
• accurate and reliable
• no wear and tear
• maintenance-free
• no influence of temperature, pressure, dust, colour, conductivity or
   chemical product properties
• universally applicable for all vessel types, no system modification required

 Here you will find more information on our various level measurements: