Level Measurement, Continuous Level

Continuos Level measurementContinuos Level measurement Our level measurement gauges are used to monitor measuring ranges, ranging from a few millimeters up to several dozen meters.

The radiometric level measurements work non-contacting and non-intrusive. As the components are mounted on the outer wall, they do not come into contact with the measured material and are therefore not exposed to wear and tear.

The level transmitters are universally applicable on all kind of vessels, reactors, autoclaves or bunkers.

Measuring Principle

Based on the radiometric principle, our level gauges are reliably operated under extreme conditions. The measurement is carried out irrespective of the material temperature, pressures or chemical properties of the measured material. Interior installations such as agitators etc. don't affect the measurement performance.

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Technology Highlights

TowerSENS Detector

The Tower-Sens with a max. length of 8m is an efficient solution for very long measuring ranges.

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Detector Stability

The patented method for detector stabilization ensures a consistent measurement performance, reliably compensating temperature and aging effects.

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Our high-sensitive detectors achieve a better measuring effect and can work with remarkably low source activities.

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Our Products for Continuous Level Measurement: