Level Measurement DuoSeries LB 470

Proven 2-wire technology with trend-setting functions

DuoSeries LB 470 is the radiometric level measurement from Berthold in true 2-wire technology, which is now also available with radiation interference detection (RID). The level measurement DuoSeries is characterized by a particularly high accuracy and reproducibility. Because of its superior quality, the DuoSeries is the first choice for demanding processes and wherever maintenance and control technology is used.

Measuring principle level measurement

The level measurement system DuoSeries consists of a Scintillation detector - CrystalSENS point detector or UniSENS rod detector - as well as a separate transmitter for display and operation. The modern evaluation unit has a 3.5" touch panel, a powerful dual core CPU and various operating options. In addition, advanced functions for self-diagnostics and monitoring ensure the highest functional safety of level measurement during operation. In addition, operators can use the data log functions for detailed process analysis, such as tracking trends and process changes.

The DuoSeries measuring system consists of a scintillation detector – CrystalSENS point detector or UniSENS rod detector – and a sophisticated transmitter unit for display and operation. The transmitter is a state-of-the-art control unit with robust 3.5” TFT touch panel, powerful Dual Core CPU and diverse operator interfaces. Advanced self diagnostics and monitoring features ensure a safe function of the system. Furthermore the data logging functionality allows operators to analyze their processes in depth, e.g. develop trends, track process changes etc.

DuoSeries LB 470 - Your advantages at a glance:

  • Unique: Radiometric level measurement with intrinsically safe power supply (Full Ex-i)
  • Ideal for all standard applications, but also for tricky measuring tasks
  • Simple, intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Important maintenance-oriented diagnostic functions and self-monitoring
  • Compatible with the previous model
  • All common Ex-approvals
  • Many different dialog languages are available

RID (Radiation Interference Discrimination)

If you want to continue to measure with impending external radiation, then the "LB470RID" version is required. The measurement continues without interruption, even if external radiation is present. External radiation is detected due to its different energy. The detector then changes to a second measuring channel and continues the measurement without error. This patented process makes the system particularly reliable. RID has been field tested for many years. In the new LB 470 series, operation has been made significantly more user-friendly for RID, making system calibration much easier. More information

Does the gas pressure in your vessel change?

Feature PRC (Product Radiation Compensation)Feature PRC (Product Radiation Compensation) In the case of radiometric measurement, this can falsify the measured value, unless you have a gas density compensation from Berthold Technologies. With the feature GPC (Gas Property Compensation), a second measurement determines the current gas density in the tank and has a compensating effect on the connected level measurement. Thus, a level measurement is realized, which provides an unaltered measured value even with fluctuations in the gas density.




CrystalSENS Detector

Point detector with high-sensitive, high-quality Sodium Iodide crystal for best long-term stability.

UniSENS Detector

Rod detector with a sensitive detector length of 0.5 up to 2.0m for level and interface measurements.

SuperSENS Detector

Best sensitivity on the market, is able to work with smallest source activities.
DuoSeries LB 470

Operating data

Power supply

100 ... 240 VAC ±10 %, 50 ... 60 Hz, 30 VA (Master) or 15 VA (Slave)
24 VDC (18 ... 30 VDC), 30 W

Ambient temperature
Operation: -20 ... +60°C (-4 ... +140°F), no condensation
Storage: -20 ... +85°C (-4 ... +185°F), no condensation

Master: 19" module 3HE, 21TE, protection IP 20
Slave: 19" module 3HE, 7TE, IP 20

ProcessorDual Core CPU


In wall-mounted cabinet  (2x Master or 1x Master + 3x Slave)
In 19" rack (4x Master or 2x Master + 6x Slave)
further assemblies on request

Signal inputs and outputs


Signal output

4 ... 20 mA, potential-free / max. impedance 500 Ω

Digital inputs

2 inputs, configurable for hold, external adjust

Digital outputs

1 relay (SPDT) for failure event
2 relays (SPDT and SPST) for min./max. alarm, detector temperature
or others
Permissible ohmic load: Max. 30V 1A AC/DC


USB (for software update, data backup, keyboard, mouse)
RS 485 (for Master-Master communication)
Ethernet (for remote access)

Data backup

internally: in non-volatile memory
externally: USB memory device


Menu languages

English, German others on request


- Gas Properties Compensation
- Dynamic adjustment of time constant
- Calibration Adjust: Automatic adjustment of calibration
- Radiation Interference Detection
- Automatically generated message for pending source
- Diagnostics according to Namur NE-107 with event log,
  change log, data log


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