Mold Level Measurement

Quick and precise mold level measurement in continuous casting applications

Mold Level Measurement

A precise and quick measurement of mold level lays the foundation for the production of high quality steel and the reliable prevention of steel overflows and breakouts. The Berthold mold level measurement systems fulfil this role reliably and accurately. Several thousand continues casting strands throughout the world are equipped and rely on Berthold systems.

The level of liquid metal in the mold is measured reliably and precisely. The extremely short cycle time of 5 ms allows for an optimum control of the casting process – both in automatic start-up and in normal operation.

Berthold Technologies is the only supplier providing both radiometric and electromagnetic measuring systems to solve this challenging measurement application. Depending on the requirements and measurement conditions, the optimum technology is selected. A combination of both technologies is also possible and advisable in demanding steel industry applications.

Our Product for Mold Level Measurement:

Mold Level Measurement castXpert

Mold Level Measurement System castXpert LB 452
The castXpert LB 452 mold level measuring system ensures optimal control of the continuous casting process due to the short cycle time of 5ms

ECcast - Eddy Current Mold Level Measurement

ECcast electromagnetic mold level measurement
Electromagnetic mold level measurement, best accuracy - irrespective of casting powder or slag

Radiometric Mold Level Detector GAMMAcast

GAMMAcast - radiometric mold level system with gamma detectors
Reliable mold level measurement using extremely robust detectors, maintenance-free and applicable for different mold types