Online Moisture Measurement for Industrial Applications

Online Moisture Measurement of bulk solids

As a manufacturer of various solutions in the field of process control and diverse sensors, we can offer you the optimal solution for your application, even for very demanding measuring tasks.

Microwave moisture measurement

The MicroPolar measures the moisture content of a wide variety of bulk solids online. The measurement takes place on the conveyor belt, bunker, silo or at the shaft. The microwave transmission technology used allows non-contact measurement of the entire material cross-section. The result is accurate and representative online measurements for quality assurance and process optimization. Typical areas of application are found in mining, power plants, coking plants, in chemistry, building materials, wood and paper industry.

Please find here further information about our microwave moisture measurement LB 567 / LB 568

Measuring principle

The microwave measurement offers the highest representativeness and is also unaffected by colour, viscosity or an inhomogeneous material composition.

Learn more about how the microwave analysers work for online moisture measurement.

Radiometric moisture measurement

The radiometric measuring technology measures the material moisture in storage and weighing containers. Large material volume (up to 1 m diameter) which is detected by the measurement offers you extremely representative measurement results. The moisture is measured either from the outside through the container wall or with an inserted dip tube. The measurement setup is extremely robust and has already proven itself, in numerous difficult applications such as moisture measurement of coke, sinter, sand, gravel or calcareous sandstone, as particularly accurate and reliable. Once installed and calibrated, no further recalibration or maintenance is required.

Please find here further information about our radiometric moisture measurement LB 350.

Measuring principle

The application of neutrons for moisture measurement is extremely reliable. This technology is independent of temperature, pressure, conductivity or fluctuating particle sizes - even frozen water can be detected using this method – moisture measurement with neutron technology.

Microwave Moisture Analyzer LB 567/LB 568

Microwave moisture analyzer LB 567/LB 568
Highly accurate microwave moisture analyzer for all kind of bulk materials, non-contacting, reliable and maintenance free