Process Control23.02.2017

Desalter Multiphase Level Measurement

Desalter / Separator operators within the oil producing and refining industries are faced with ever tightening environmental regulations regarding the reintroduction of effluent to waterways. To ensure the efficient control of water/oil interface levels in desalters and interface levels operators are increasingly turning to Radiometrics for an accurate solution to their level problems.

The Multiphase Level Measurement from Berthold Technologies is designed to measure the level of the different product layers and to monitor the development of the transition phase, by measuring the density distribution over height. In this way the operator gains a real-time picture of the separation process inside the tank, which allows him to adjust the process parameters ideally and in-time. The main advantage of the Berthold system is, that the measurement is carried out completely non-contacting, which means that neither process conditions like temperature or pressure nor chemical properties of the measured product can affect the measurement or cause wear or corrosion to the measurement. Due to the non-contacting, non-intrusive nature of the multiphase level measurement it is very often used in high temperature, high pressure processes or whenever other demanding factors like aggressive or sticky media and foam complicate operator’s life. Typical applications are in desalters, polymerization plants, in the oil/water/gas separation or the acid settling in alkylation units.

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