Measuring the interfaces of oil/emulsions/water in desalters

Multiphase Level Measurement - EmulsionSENS for monitoring the oil/emulsions/water interfaces

Multiphase Level Measurement for monitoring the oil/emulsion/water interface in desaltersMultiphase Level Measurement for monitoring the oil/emulsion/water interface in desalters

Fresh water is mixed with the crude oil to wash out dissolved salts and minerals. In the desalter vessel the brine is separated from the oil by gravity separation. This separation process is usually characterized by an intermediate zone of oil / water emulsion. To make sure that the retracted brine is free of oil and to ensure that the water doesn’t impact the electrostatic grid or even enter the oil outlet, the different levels have to be controled carefully. The Berthold Multiphase Level Measurement - EmulsionSENS is used to reliably monitor the separation process online. It can either provide the product density at specific heights or it can continuously measure the level of the different layers. Suited for all API oil grades – even for heavy and extra heavy crudes – the measurement is very repeatable and stable over time and above all, maintenance-free.

Oil/emulsions/water interface in desalters - Customers benefit

  • Maximum throughput and availability
  • Ideal control of drained water quality
  • Ideal control of the brine outlet, helps to reduce the carryover of water/salts/minerals
  • Reduced operational costs of the desalter
  • Effective addition of emulsion breaking chemicals
  • Increased safety for subsequent distillation processes

Characteristics of Berthold Multiphase Level Measurement - EmulsionSENS

  • Number of sources/detectors dependent upon application
  • Highly repeatable and very stable measurements
  • Detectors are mounted outside of the vessel for ease of maintenance and ensuring no cooling is required
  • Very precise density at each corresponding height, density accuracy <0.002g/cm3 (aligned).
  • Or continuous level measurement of the interface layers, level accuracy +/- 20mm (Staggered).
  • Optional mud level measurement.
  • Increased reliability, operates on all API crudes (light/heavy/extra heavy crudes)
Interface measurement EmulsionSENS with scintillation detectors mounted outside the vessel
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