DuoSeries transmitter for level, density and bulk flow plus detectors

Multiple ways of operation

The LB 470 level meter incorporates a highly robust 3.5" TFT touch panel with industrial design for local operation. A mouse and a USB keyboard can be connected at any time. Through ethernet connection, the level meter offers full remote operation and data logging.

Convenient gas properties compensation feature

A varying gas density can affect the accuracy of the level measurement. To ensure a constantly high accuracy, the LB 470 level meter is equipped with a gas properties compensation feature. The signal of a second detector – which is measuring only the gas phase – is fed to the level meter and goes into the equation of the level calculation. This ensures a level measurement that is most independent from gas density variations.

Automatic-optimized reading response

Another plus of the LB 470 level meter is that the device recognizes quick process changes (jump in count rate signal) and reduces the time constant to speed up the measurement response. As soon as the process conditions normalize, the time constant automatically returns to the standard value.