State of the art measurement technology

Our Microwave Transmission Measurement Systems at a Glance

Using state-of-the-art technology for microwave transmission measurement, the MicroPolar is our latest online moisture analyzer. The system is applied in power plants and the pulp & paper industry as well as in the mining, chemical and building materials industries. As the moisture measurement is carried out non-contacting, the sensors are not subject to wear and tear. This highly advanced and reliable system for microwave transmission measurement is 100% maintenance free. The MicroPolar 2 LB 567 is an ideal measuring solution for constant measuring conditions (e.g. constant bulk density and/or constant particle size). The high dynamic range allows for a precise determination of moisture.

For more demanding measuring conditions (e.g. varying bulk densities), we recommend using the MicroPolar Moist LB 568. The system comprises not only a unit for microwave transmission measurement, but also a radiometric unit to measure the area weight. By combining both measurement methods, varying bulk densities can be easily compensated. The measurement is performed with a number of different frequencies per measurement cycle. This leads to a stable measurement, unaffected by resonances or reflexes of any kind. An integrated reference line shields the measurement from potential outside influences. In addition, the MicroPolar Moist LB 568 analyzer has a housing made of stainless steel that renders it highly robust and long life.