• Simultaneous measurement of artificial alpha and beta aerosols
  • Direct measurement of activities at the dusting site
  • Compensation and measurement of natural radioactivity (Rn/Tn daughters)



  • 3-way large area proportional detector with high alpha and beta efficiency
  • Accumulation of aerosols on a 200 mm Ø large-area filter
  • Continuous measurement and alarm check during dusting

Additional Features

  • Energy-independent measurement method
  • Independent of radon/thoron ratio
  • Largely independent of the state of equilibrium of the radon/thoron derivatives (dependent on air extraction at the installation site)

Product Overview

LB 150 D-R


The Alpha-Beta-particulates monitor LB 150 D-R can be deployed for the measurement of airborne artificial Alpha and Beta activity in

  • Nuclear facilities in the Nuclear fuel cycle and Fission product production
  • Storage and processing of Nuclear waste products
  • Hot Cell Labs
  • Monitoring of Alpha emitting (transuranic) substances

The Particulates Monitor LB 150 D-R uses a fixed filter and is a true real time Monitor while collection, detection and evaluation are done simultaneously.


The very high sampling rate of 40 m³/h ensures a representative sampling for both Stack monitoring with Isokinetic extraction as well as Room or workplace air monitoring.

Particulates collection and Detector

The sampled air is drawn through an S-class glass fiber filter with 200 mm Ø. The detector, a large surface proportional counter with thin entrance window, is located directly above the collection area at a distance of 7 mm and measures the radiation intensity from Alpha and Beta decays.

The airtight particulates collection unit can be constructed in Stainless steel or in Teflon depending on the application.

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LB 150 open drawer with filter

200 mm ∅ Filter support sinter plate with drawer mechanism

Technical Data

Pumpsilent turbine pump
Filter diskglas fiber filter, S-class No. 8, Ø 200 mm or equivalent
Ambient Conditions 
Ambient temperature

0 to 50 °C

Sample air temperatureup to 85°C
Humiditymax. 95 % rel. humidity
Type3-fold Proportional counter tube GFDZ 200 in Sandwich construction
Lead shield4 pi 2 cm (5 cm optional)
Counting gasMethane, Natural Gas, Propane P10 or Ar-CO2 90/10
Gas consumptionapprox. 2 l/h