LB 112 Micro Gamma - stationary dose rate monitor

The LB 112 Micro-Gamma datalogger is a stationary monitor for one or two independent detectors or for a low dose / high dose rate measuring system. The operation of the device is controlled with a simple menu and softkeys.

Operation of the LB 112 is carried out with five softkeys located below the vacuum fluorescence display with adjustable brightness. All parameters are protected by a password.

An info key calls up a menu with important information during the measurement:

  • alarm conditions
  • raw data
  • alarm thresholds
  • further parameters

If the dose rate unit changed, the results are automatically renormalised. The dose rates are also available as output currents via the two analog outputs 0/4-20 mA, in a linear or logarithmic scale.




  • Compact measuring device for wall installation made of stainless steel with IP65 tightness
  • Connection of up to two dose rate probes or other detectors (single or dual probe operation)
  • Low dose / high dose rate system
  • Radioactive gas monitor
  • Ratemeter or scaler timer mode
  • Memory for 4000 data points
  • Electrically separated in- and outputs, e.g. RS232/RS485 interfaces, USB interfaces,  Ethernet interfaces, 3 digital inputs, 2 analog outputs, 5 relay outputs
  • Data transfer and communication in local and large area measuring networks
  • Network capable with F2C protocol
  • Easy to read graphical vacuum fluorescence display
  • Measuring station with alarm signals (lamps, flashlight, horn) for local warning functions
  • Local warning functions freely programmable with the option to reset the acoustic signal
  • Protection of the measuring parameters by a password and internal jumpers



The instrument has a wide range AC power supply input between 85 and 264 V or a 9 to 36 V DC input for battery operation. Up to 4000 data can be stored and transferred via two serial interfaces to an external computer. An RS 485 interface is already built-in so that no external adapter is required. Data transfer can be done using the F2C protocol via the serial interfaces, Ehernet or USB.

The measuring electronics is accommodated in a compact stainless steel housing. The entire electronics consists of one printed board, on which a small power supply unit is placed. On the front side there is a keypad and behind it an easy to read graphical vacuum fluorescence display (64 x 128 pixels).

The alarm signals can be tested and the acoustical signal reset by two push-buttons on the right side of the housing. The device is turned on and off using the internal mains switch. The external signal column can be equipped with various alarm elements (permanent light, flashlight or horn).




General technical specifications
Measuring modesratemeter and scaler/timer
Displayvacuum fluorescence (64 x 128 pixel)
Memoryup to 4000 data sets
Power supply

wide range 85 to 264 VAC or 9 to 36 VDC

input depending on supply module

Power consumptionapprox. 12 W
Temperature range-5 °C to 50 °C
Relative humidity10 % to 80 %, non condensing
Protection degreeIP65
Dimensions200 x 200 x 80 mm³
Weight2.6 kg, stainless steel housing


Micro-processor electronics
Low power consumption microprocessor unit for parameters and measured data
256 kB EEPROM memory
Real time clock
Two 6 pin connectors for two probes
Power supply for probes ± 5 VDC, ± 15 VCD, power < 60 mA
Normpulse input
Control voltage for high voltage supply within the probes 0 - 5 VDC, positive


Electrically separated in- and outputs
3 digital inputs
2 current outputs (0/4-20 mA)
5 relay outputs
2 serial interfaces as RS 232 or RS 485 (max. 1200 m, max. 32 devices per bus)
USB / Ethernet


Dose rate probes H*(10)
LB 6500-4-H10, GM-probe0.1 μSv/h to 10 mSv/h 65 keV to 1.3 MeV
LB 6500-3-H10, GM-probe1 μSv/h to 1 Sv/h 50 keV to 1.3 MeV
LB 6360-H10, Proportional counter50 nSv/h to 20 mSv/h 35 keV to 1.3 MeV
LB 6701L-H10, Ionisation chamber10 μSv/h to 10 Sv/h 50 keV to 1.3 MeV
LB 6701M-H10, Ionisation chamber100 μSv/h to 100 Sv/h 50 keV to 1.3 MeV
LB 6701H-H10, Ionisation chamber1 mSv/h to 1000 Sv/h 50 keV to 1.3 MeV
LB 6411 for neutrons30 nSv/h to 100 mSv/h 10 meV to 20 MeV




The stationary dose rate measuring device LB 112 is designed for monitoring radiation fields in the environment, especially at workplaces, in nuclear facilities, hot cells, nuclide laboratories and similar facilities.

You need a variety of different detectors to cover the complete dose rate range, for example, low dose counters, high dose counters, Geiger-Müller or proportional counters, ionization chambers and neutron dose rate detectors. The dose rate monitoring systems for environmental monitoring networks in the vicinity of nuclear facilities also require stationary dose rate measuring devices.

Further applications are, for example, process monitoring in PET centers, and online monitoring of radioactive gases.

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