Concentration and Density Measurement

Concentration and Density Measurement

Microwave measurement takes place online during the running process, providing real-time information on concentration, density, dry matter or water content in liquids, suspensions and pastes.

A high degree of accuracy characterizes the extremely reliable measuring systems. The various sensors are robust and can be installed on containers or in pipelines.

Further information about our concentration and density measurement LB 566 can be found here.

A variety of applications range from the food industry to wastewater treatment, power plants and the chemical industry.

Brix measurement

MicroPolar Brix has been specially developed for use in the sugar industry e.g. to monitor Brix content, or density and concentration. The measuring systems can be installed on containers (e.g. batch pans) or pipelines. Further information on the application in the sugar industry can be found here.

Measuring principle

The microwave transmission measurement offers highest representativeness and is also insensitive to colour, viscosity or an inhomogeneous material composition.

Learn more about the microwaves measuring prinziple.

Our products for concentration and density measurement

Brix and Concentration measurement LB 565

Brix measurement and Concentration measurement LB 565
Measurement of Brix, Dry Substance, Density and Concentration with Micro-Polar Brix – the Microwave analyzer for the sugar industry

Concentration and water content measurement LB 566

Concentration and Water content measurement MicroPolar
MicroPolar is the latest microwave based analyzer for measuring dry substance, water content and density (e.g. in g/l or °Bé).