Measuring Solutions for Oil & Gas Downstream

Oil refineries worldwide rely on the radiometric instruments from Berthold Technologies. The non-contacting, non-intrusive measuring systems based on Gamma technology are used to measure level and density in demanding processes like alkylation, delayed coking, desalters, catalytic reforming (CCR) or fluid catalytic cracking (FCC).

Berthold Technologies is renowned for cutting-edge technology and high-class products. Our density and level measuring systems are characterized by high sensitivity and outstanding measurement stability enabling long-lasting operation with low operational costs since maintenance or frequent re-calibration is not required. Unique features such as X-ray interference protection (XIP), lead to superior measurement performance and high reliability, which remain stable and unfailing throughout the whole time of operation.

Beside a wide range of standard products for level and density measurements, Berthold develops tailor-made systems for refinery processes in close cooperation with customers and licensors worldwide – Berthold is the global leader in radiometric technology applying extensive experience and knowledge into solving complex measurements, designed meticulously according to customer specifications.

Our Applications/Solutions in Oil & Gas Refining:

Solutions for Refineries

Continuous Measurement of Coke Drum Level

Multiphase and Interface Level Measurement

Interface and Multiphase Level Measurement
Interface measurement between two liquid phases or the height of different product layers with radiometric systems.

TowerSENS Detector

With a max. length of 8m - the rod detector is specifically designed to monitor long measuring ranges