EmulsionSENS - The Multiphase Level Measurement

Interface measurement providing maximum accuracy and stability

Arrangement of Multiphase Level Measurement on an oil separator with a rod source and several detectors mounted outsideArrangement of Multiphase Level Measurement on an oil separator with a rod source and several detectors mounted outside The interface position between liquid phases or the height of different product layers can be easily determined with the radiometric measurement solutions from Berthold. Our products are even used to monitor emulsion layers. By measuring the density profile of the liquids, separation processes can be reliably monitored.

All measurements are carried out in a non-contacting manner - detectors and all electronic components are mounted at the vessel outside. Thus the detectors are easily accessible and not exposed to the pressure and temperature conditions inside the vessel.

Advantages of the Berthold EmulsionSENS - The Multiphase Level Measurement

  • Easy mounting outside of the vessel, easily accessible
  • Not contacting the measured material
  • Reliable technology for extreme conditions
  • Insensitive to scaling
  • Easy commissioning and calibration
  • No-recalibrations required
  • No wear and tear, maintenance-free
  • Representative through long penetration path
  • SIL2 / SIL3 approval


Multiphase level measurement in the oil & gas industry

In the oil & gas downstream and upstream industry the Multiphase Level Measurement - EmulsionSENS from Berthold is used to measure the different layers of sand, water, emulsion, oil and foam in separators or slug catchers. Due to the use of Cs-137 isotope and high sensitive scintillation detectors at the vessel outside this solution provides the highest level of reliability and accuracy. The long distance between source and detector allows for covering a wide area which leads to a very good and representative picture of the density profile and even light foam can be perfectly detected - while scaling that might build up over time doesn’t affect the measurement performance.

Our Applications/Solutions for Refineries:

Oil/emulsions/water interface in desalters
Measuring level in alkylation

Measuring density and level in resid hydrocrackers




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News about this product

To ensure optimum control of water / emulsions / oil separation layers in the desalter, more and more operators are turning to radiometry as a highly reliable and accurate measurement solution. By optimizing the process, you minimize the probability of failure, increase efficiency, reduce emulsion breaker chemicals and thus permanently reduce your operating costs. Read more