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Level Measurement in Refineries from Berthold

Refinery Measurement Experts from BertholdFor safe and efficient control of your refining process, you need to be able to reliably measure various parameters throughout the refinery.


SIL rated Level Switch, Density and Level Gauge

SIL rated Level Switch, Density and Level GaugeThe CrystalSENS LB 480 from Berthold Technologies can be used as a radiometric level switch system in tanks, and chemical reactors.

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Radiometric Density System DuoSeries LB 475

The new radiometric density system DuoSeries LB 475 from Berthold especially designed for hydraulic fracturing and cementing applications.

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Radiometric Detector CONGAUGE LB 6755

Radiometric detector for steel and powder level measurement to measure the liquid steel level and the thickness of the casting powder layer

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New FlowCell with EHEDG certification

Picture of the new hygienic FlowCell with EHEDG certificationBerthold is now expanding its portfolio of microwave sensors with another innovative product. The new FlowCell consists of a stainless steel inline housing and two microwave antennas which are connected via clamp connections and are interchangeable at any time. Sealing is accomplished by means of O-rings made of EPDM and two PEEK windows.

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New container probe for microwave measurement

The new container probes have removable plastic caps with internal thread, which can be replaced on site if necessary. Furthermore, the antenna technology inside the probe has been completely redeveloped. It halves the transmission losses by better matching and field focusing. Read more

Get an insight into our enhanced personal contamination monitors

Image of an Berthold hand foot contamination monitor LB148We have enhanced our personal contamination monitors LB 147 and LB 148. Both, LB 148 as well as LB 147, got some new features and they have a new modern user interface, which makes them easy to operate. Furthermore they are now talking to you with 2 languages (either in English or German).


The new Bulk Flow Transmitter DuoSeries LB 472

Picture of an Belt Scale ApplicationBerthold presents the new LB 472 bulk flow system which is used for the precise determination of flowrate in the bulk industry and can be perfor­med on all kinds of conveyor systems. The non-contacting, non-intrusive radiometric belt weigher is characterized by an excellent accuracy and reliability.


NUMo - New Universal Monitor LB 134

Our newly developed LB 134 Universal Monitor II is the follower of our well-known LB 123 UMo.

With an integrated Geiger-Müller counter tube it is possible to measure directly gamma dose and dose rate in ambient dose equivalent H*(10). The NUMo also can be used to measure radioactive alpha and beta-gamma contaminations on surface such as floors, walls, desks, objects, clothing and or skin as well as neutron dose rate due to the possibility to connect a variety of Berthold probes.
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Level measurement

The Process Control division offers non-contacting level measurement technology for use in a variety of industrial sectors. As global leader in radiometric technology the level gauges provided by Berthold are unique in terms of reliability and long-term stability – the more than 20,000 measurement systems that are in operation worldwide are a proof of that every day.
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Instruments for Radiation Protection

The Radiation Protection Division develops, manufactures and distributes extremely sensitive and reliable radiation monitors for radiation protection and health physics in research, nuclear medicine, nuclear engineering and also for nuclear decommissioning. These instruments are mainly for the measurement of:


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No half measures

Brochure picture of "NO HALF MEASURES"Graeme Webb, Berthold Technologies UK Ltd, explains how engineers can achieve an indication of level of their product, process vessel or tank by using radiometric techniques

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