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OUR EXPERTS from Berthold will answer you all frequently asked questions related to radiometry.

Watch the webinar to learn what you always wanted to know about radiometric measurements.


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About this webinar

Radiometric measurements are reliable even under the most challenging process conditions and are used where other technologies fail. But what exactly is a radiometric measurement and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Does this technology justify the use of radioactivity and how dangerous is this measurement then?

Whether you are new to radiometry or already experienced with non-contact technology, watch our webinar and learn how a source and detector can safely monitor your process.

Join the webinar and learn from our experts!

The experts in process control radiometric measurements for more than 70 years

  • How is a measurement typically designed?
  • In which applications is radiometry used?
  • What do I have to consider when dealing with radiation?
  • Is radiometry applicable in all circumstances?

These and many other frequently asked questions about radiometric measurements will be covered in the webinar.

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